Edgehill Partner and Co-Founder, Nina Scherago was a guest speaker at a panel discussion entitled “Working With Outsourced CIO’s”, held at Greenwich CT’s Indian Harbor Yacht Club on Friday, Feb. 26.

The sold-out event was hosted by the Connecticut Hedge Fund Association, and moderated by Christopher Cesare, Partner and Founder of Rocaton Investment Advisors. Nina was joined by panel member Peggy Eisen, Investment Committee Chair for the Smith College Endowment.

Nina and Peggy are Smith College alumni, and commenced serving on the College’s investment committee in the late 1990’s. During their tenure, Smith College migrated to the OCIO model, placing discretionary authority of the $850 million dollar endowment with Alice Handy and her pioneering firm, Investure in 2004. Today the endowment is $1.8 billion.

The outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) movement is becoming a fast growing business segment for investment consultants and a major new distribution channel for hedge funds and other asset managers.  Over the past decade, institutional investors have been seeking more proactive advice as investment options have grown increasingly complex and markets have become more volatile.

Among the many reasons institutional investors and corporations are implementing OCIO solutions are:

  • A lack of internal resources.
  • A greater interest in sharing fiduciary responsibilities.
  • The need for more responsive decision-making and implementation of investment decisions in increasingly complex and fast-moving capital markets.

Some of the questions Mr. Cesare asked the panelists were:

  • What philosophical considerations should an investor, or committee, contemplate in exploring a potential move to an OCIO provider?
  • Are OCIO providers utilizing hedge funds differently than a more traditional, committee-based structure might? Are there any special considerations for hedge funds within the OCIO construct?

The Connecticut Hedge Fund Association (CTHFA) is a leading not-for-profit trade association dedicated to promoting the industry’s growth locally and globally.

CTHFA hosts a series of education, networking and charitable events throughout the year and produces the Global Alpha Forum, an investment management and economic conference that seeks to bring the spirit of Davos to Connecticut each year.

The CTHFA also fosters a sense of responsibility within our community by developing several philanthropic initiatives with its members each year.

Edgehill’s Managing Partners, Ellen Shuman and Nina Scherago, are leading practitioners investing for endowments and foundations. Edgehill serves as the de facto investment office of its clients, applying its experience and judgment to generate strong investment performance for foundations, academic institutions, research institutes, libraries and other cultural organizations.