Investment Philosophy

Edgehill’s investment approach is designed to support the long-term financial challenges of non-profit institutions to meet current spending needs and enhance purchasing power over time.

Edgehill employs active management to meaningfully outperform a passive portfolio. We have a strong value orientation, investing with managers that identify securities and strategies priced at less than intrinsic value, so that a patient investor (our clients) may benefit from convergence to fair value and take appropriate risks for which they are well-paid. For over two decades the Edgehill principals have demonstrated their willingness to act independently of prevailing market sentiment, investing in out-of-favor, and thus attractively priced, sectors and strategies.

Edgehill creates portfolios with diversified exposures that are not highly correlated by encompassing a broad range of strategies, economic factors and geographies, to allow an institution’s portfolio to withstand challenging market environments as well as exploit market inefficiencies.