The Edgehill Benefit: Our Business Model Serves Our Clients


Edgehill Endowment Partners does just one thing — we invest entire endowments on a discretionary basis for a small number of mission-driven institutions. We work closely with each client to pursue superior investment performance, advance best practices, and provide comprehensive back-office support.

Accountability and Complete Focus

• We are wholly responsible for the investment performance of our clients.
• We are an investment firm, not an asset management business.
• We offer no other products.
• Our clients get our undivided attention.
• Our managing partners make the investment decisions for each client portfolio.
• We provide a single point of accountability.

Limited Number of Clients

• Edgehill chooses to work with a limited number of clients.
• By working with only perpetual endowed charities, we ensure that our clients share similar investment objectives and risk profiles.
• Our best ideas are applicable to all our clients.

Access and Expertise

• Edgehill provides mid-size institutions ($150m — $ 800m) access to investment expertise typically reserved for larger institutions.
• Our managing partners leverage their network and industry relationships to provide access to exceptional managers.

Fiduciary Mindset

• We have a fiduciary mindset and deep understanding of the needs of non-profit institutions gained through extensive service as staff members, trustees and investment committee members of endowments and foundations.