Endowment Specialist

Edgehill works exclusively with endowments and foundations. We serve only non-profits to maximize their major advantage — a long-time horizon for investing. Our priority is to build deep, long-term relationships with each client to support their financial flexibility to fulfill their missions by preserving and

growing their purchasing power. Edgehill’s goal is to provide the performance advantage of large well-staffed endowments to our clients. We serve as our clients' investment office. We do ONE THING — invest the entire endowment on a discretionary basis.

The Edgehill Advantage

Our experience, size and customization differentiate us. Our history in endowment management spans decades, providing perspective and an extensive network. Edgehill’s team is experienced at building portfolios and undertaking manager

selection. Edgehill limits clients and assets under management to create the conditions necessary for exceptional service and to pursue superior performance.


Our history in endowment management affords us a deep network to identify investment opportunities and the processes and pattern recognition needed for long-term success.

Limited Client Base

Limiting clients and AUM affords meaningful allocations to capacity-constrained managers and a high level of service for each client.


Our separate account structure allows us to customize asset allocation, manage risk tolerances and embrace each client’s financial objectives. Client funds are invested in their own name and they own their manager relationships.

Working Together

A Genuine Partnership

Edgehill operates as your in-house investment office and provides all-inclusive, transparent client service. We bring a full suite of rigorous operational and administrative support to complement our investing. Our team works directly with your investment committee, staff, and leadership.

How We Invest

Our Approach

Edgehill employs active management. We are fundamental, long-term investors in businesses. We focus on managers where informational, analytical, and structural edges are substantial. We build concentrated portfolios.

Manager Selection

Adding Value

Access to best-in-class managers is a hallmark of Edgehill. Our reputation, network, and managers’ high regard for our clients’ missions, provide Edgehill with distinctive access usually reserved for the largest endowments. We seek managers with competitive edges that allow them to perceive value in ways others cannot.